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Imagine Food

San Carlos, California



The owner of the organic food company named Imagine Foods, manufacturer of Rice Dream and other organic product, retained Holey Associates to design the company’s first headquarters building, a 10,000 square foot structure on a main street in this community South of San Francisco.  Sustainability was the guiding principal for the design of the building.  A key feature in the design of the building was the radiant heating and cooling system in the concrete floor, that incorporated a “white roof” system…with sprinklers on the roof that would spray water in the cool evening that would drain into a 10,000 gallon water retention tank in the basement of the building to be circulated into the radiant flooring system in the early morning to cool the slab and the space during the heat of the day.  The building also incorporates a solar photovoltaic array on the roof, all operable windows, sunscreens and was illuminated during the day using 90% natural light.


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