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Apple Computer

Cupertino, California



John Holey and Holey Associates are fortunate to have worked with Apple Computer on many projects from 1980 though the mid 1990’s.  In addition to designing three of Apple’s executive office facilities during this period of time, John Holey worked directly with Steve Jobs to design the factory that manufactured the first Macintosh computer.  Job’s insisted that the factory design be a “package” for the manufacturing process, integrated with the actual “packaging” design for the Macintosh. The collaboration between the Architect and Apple’s Creative Services team enabled John to design the factory and be a part of the design of the original graphics and packaging of Apple’s iconic Macintosh computer.


Holey Associates was working with John Sculley, former Apple CEO, and his staff to design Apple’s new executive office building in Cupertino when Steve Jobs left Apple and started NeXT Computer with Ross Perot.  Jobs selected Holey Associates to design the new factory for NeXT, which put Holey Associates in the interesting position of working simultaneously with Steve Jobs and John Sculley.


Holey Associates’ subsequently played an key role in the planning and design of Apple’s Research & Development Campus in Cupertino.



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